Healthy Tooth


Caries risk assessment

Each child has a different risk of getting dental cavities. Our centre provides customized and individualized care to children based on their risk.  Risk assessment is done by analyzing various causes of tooth decay and child related factors.

We treat the cause of decay and not just treat it.

Early diagnosis, early treatment

Early diagnosis

Early diagnosis can prevent extensive treatment. Early diagnosis is based on patient recall system and using sophisticated gadgets such as diagnodent which can confirm the absence or presence of dental decay.

Medical treatment can also be instituted if diagnosis is done at an early stage when dental decay can be reversed using certain therapeutic agents.

Healthy eating

Diet forms an important factor governing caries. Parents are educated about various dietary factors such as the frequency, physical nature of diet etc.

Minimal Invasive Dentistry

We try our best to maintain the normal and healthy tooth structure. We do our best to maintain the vitality of the pulp. We remove only the diseased dental tissue.

Early prevention

Prevention is the best way to avoid dental decay.  After caries risk assessment  we provide preventive treatment such as fluoride, sealants and advocate proper recall system for children.  Our staff offer children proper brushing technique and eating habits.